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Over 25 Years of Experience.

Architecture Design & Consulting

ZUBILLAGA DESIGN, INC. is a family-owned Architectural company, founded in Miami in 1990. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services in the fields of Architecture and Design with an emphasis in residential projects. Our main objective is to achieve a high degree of design quality and to provide our clients with the best possible professional service on a one to one basis.


ZUBILLAGA DESIGN, INC. is made up of a staff of highly qualified Architects. Every project is conceived and developed by our two Principals along with our clients, engaging in productive conversations that make every project unique. Our creative team of architects then works closely with collaborating engineers and construction professionals generating relationships of trust and long term empathy with our clients.

  • Passion and Excellence

  • Innovation
    And Quality

  • Teamwork

  • Responsibility & Commitment

  • Customer Orientation

Our Projects.

Our projects are executed and delivered considering the best practices of architecture and engineering, with the highest quality standards, achieving success through the fulfillment of each of the most demanding finish objectives.

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