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Design Consulting

We are able to put at your disposal all our experience and knowledge to advise you on design or construction projects in any of its stages. We cover aspects such as planning and development, economic and feasibility studies, specialized studies, environmental impact, logistics, inspections, processing and management of permits and legal documents, among others.

Design Phase

  • Site Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Zoning Code Analysis
  • Review of Preliminary Drawings
  • Assistance in Speciality Item Design
    (Stairs, Railings, Elevator Shafts, etc.)
  • Review of “Final” Construction Documents prior to application for Building Permit Design Solutions

Permitting Phase

  • Assistance during Permitting process
  • Review of Issues, Problems with permitting process
  • Meeting with Building Officials as Required
  • Resolution of Issues/Problems to obtain Approvals
  • Board Meetings if required

Construction Phase

  • Review of Site Conditions and/or problems
  • Project Management
  • Assistance with Building Department inspection Issues
  • Overall assistance with Construction Issues/Problems
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